Empty love


Kay Wyne – Empty nest

we pour ourselves
into someone
that’s  not
really there

i mean

we put ourselves
into situations
we cannot see
very clearly

i mean

we think ourselves
in love
but really
it’s not


hard to admit
even harder to forget

Love, Love or Stein kind of advice


Edvard Munch – The kiss

love love
is not hurt
love love
is not pain
love love
can be leaving
when it’s the right
thing to do love
when we love
love love
we can’t hold back
we say it love
aloud and often love
cause we can’t get enough love
if you think love
i say love too much
you never had love
a love to call yours
don’t be selfish love
love pettiness
never pays off love
give your love away

– - –
To K.

The one about the girlfriend


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Devotion: the two girlfriends

Cathy, in my wildest dreams
we’re together
like I wanted it to be–

I remember
in front of the camera
our first kiss–

You were laughing
so hard
the photographer almost missed–

After that
all was so easy–
including you
slipping away from me–


Cathy, do you remember
the guns
that they pointed at us–

In the darkness
we were safe–
But they found us
and sent us away–


Cathy, in my wildest dreams
you kiss me
and still loves me–

Can’t a girl dream?

The gardener


Vincent van Gogh – Public garden with couple and blue fir tree

like a gardener
you nurture me
in your hands
i’m flourishing–

our certainty
is palpable
our love

nothing’s more precious
than the palms
i grow within–

Swell is the night

Piroska Szanto - Lovers

Piroska Szanto – Lovers

the stars’ our friends
as is the night

here we are brave

never afraid


inside each other
the whole universe
within our bodies

tangled as constellations
that cannot be apart

i’m your prima donna
you’re my falling star

These walls


Lucian Freud – Ib and her husband

it’s not my body
not just it
not at all

when you embrace me

it’s me
it’s more
it’s the whole world

the whole love
the whole despair
within me

it’s me
it’s us
it’s the whole world

we built within
these walls

The one about him


Amparo Lopez – The lovers

Oh! dearest one
how could you
read me so clear
in your own thoughts–

how could you translate me
when you thought it was
all about you
and you only–


your pessimism
showed me love
your existence
gave me peace
& in your lostness
i feel reassured


don’t worry
i know what you are
the dear of my broken heart

(not even time will keep us apart)

- – -
To B.

Book lover


Alexander Deyneka – Girl with a book

i hide myself
behind thick paper walls

there i’m safe
out of the sight

but near my own heart.


surrounded by people
that someone else imagined

i’m happy
with friends

while outside life goes by.


i don’t care
i don’t care

leave me here

until my last chapter.