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Two Figures in a Landscape (2002), Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown – Two figurines in a landscape

lie on your back,
open your legs,
let me search…

do what i say,
let me start,
no time to waste:

from hip to hip, a bridge;
from mind to mind, a path.

drink my seed,
make me complete,

touch me
where no one has.

keep me awake,
make me sane,
once again.

lie on your back,
open your legs,
i’ll find your soul!

- – –
Written while listening to Coconut Skins by Damien Rice.


Mario Cindric – The mask

Vem, mas vem sem fantasia!
- Chico Buarque, Sem fantasia

layer by layer
i undress my feelings
in front of your curious eyes.

layer by layer
i go deep in your soul…

and recognize in you
what i always wanted.

- – –
The lyric’s from a Brazilian musician/great poet Chico Buarque and it means in a free translation: come, but come without masks.


Phil Nellis – Welcome to the machine

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. Where have you been? It’s alright we know where you’ve been. (…) Welcome my son! Welcome to the machine! What did you dream? It’s alright we told you what to dream!

                                                                                 – Pink Floyd, Welcome to the machine –

i feel sorry for the people
who don’t own themselves

don’t own their dreams
lives, imagination
don’t own their minds

it makes me sad
it makes me cry
sad tears of desperation

i might be one of them
lost in this brainless herd

- – –
Some ideas I had watching The hunger games & listening to Pink Floyd after it.


Google Images

she thought she would dive alone.
but Dave took her by the hand
and led her exactly to the right place.

there she dug and dug and dug
and when she thought she needed to breathe
Dave was there to make her live.

finally,  her treasure chest!
and what she found when she opened it…
she couldn’t believe in what she saw.


Vincent van Gogh – The starry night

guided by your voice
i find our sacred spot:
we don’t come so often
but it was never forgotten.

i lay bare under the stars,
the only witnesses of the show
about to start.

and you come like a sunbeam
so beautiful i almost cry
i cannot look, you made me blind.

and as our act begins
nothing is left behind.
like pieces of a puzzle
we belong to each other:
from the mind to the heart.

when we are finally one
even the brightest star
forget how to shine.


Henri Toulouse-Lautrec – The kiss

suddenly, you grab me by my feet
i feel your hands up my knees.

and just like an explorer
you drink from my hidden water.

i feel your tongue searching for my navel
your eyelashes on my breasts.

when your lips finally touch my neck
my nails cut you deep, right on your back.

the scream you never release
is silenced by a warm kiss.

it’s been a while, but we didn’t change:
while you sing in my ears, i kiss your old scars.


Giovanni Baglione – Sacred and profane love


Well I know I make you cry
And I know sometimes you wanna die
But do you really feel alive without me?
If so, be free
If not, leave him for me.

- Damien Rice in Accidental babies


sometimes the thought of you both
just pops in my head.

and although it doesn’t matter
it hurts me so bad.

i can’t believe you have more fun
than you had with me.

am i wrong?
am i right?

i’m the light
that guides you through.

sooner or later you’ll realize
and never gonna put me aside.


Madame Ginoux

Paul Gauguin – Night Cafe in Arles (Madame Ginoux)

let’s not waste our time:
failed relationships
will never bear fruit.

we’re over.
so over.

let’s not fool ourselves:
we never shared a bed
for more than two nights.
why would we share separate lives?

we’re over
from the start.

we’re a habit
just like caffeine.

we’re hard to kill
but one day
we’ll succeed.


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