Pablo Piasso – Woman Writing

runaway words
from here
to there–

they never
where i put them–

(they are always


they go
from a poet’s feather
to a locked journal–

they go
from a rhyming heart
to an analytic hand–

they go
go away then–


here i play what’s real–
there’s no play.

- – -
Inspired by I.

Whispers in the dark

Two Figures in a Landscape (2002), Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown – Two figurines in a landscape

lie on your back,
open your legs,
let me search…

do what i say,
let me start,
no time to waste:

from hip to hip, a bridge;
from mind to mind, a path.

drink my seed,
make me complete,

touch me
where no one has.

keep me awake,
make me sane,
once again.

lie on your back,
open your legs,
i’ll find your soul!

- – -
Written while listening to Coconut Skins by Damien Rice.

Guiding star advice

Vincent van Gogh - Starry night over the Rhone

Vincent van Gogh – Starry night over the Rhone

why life goes on
but her pain remains–

she’s always stuck
in this dead end–

why the questions
that have no answer–

why the bitterness
he asked–

no answer she gave
no answer at all.


time for answer
has come
he said–

as long as she obey her head
and forget to please
the ones that don’t care–


Edward Hopper – Sun in an empty room

master of my thoughts,
release me–

dry my eyes
i can’t bear to cry–

memories cut deep
my wounded mind–

there’s nothing
in my lonesome heart–


the sound of us
echoing in the empty room–

- – -
A big thanks to Annie.



Martin Stone – The empty bed

i forgot–

forgot your face

i miss–

i miss
the sense–

the sense
of your presence–


this is enough–

this will hurt–





Dana Gumms – Together Alone

the last crumb
was thrown–

thanks, i’m always
hungry for you–


drop of water
on this arid heart–

you have no idea
how you quench my mind–


being with you
i forget i ache–

the door remains open
i hope i could stay–